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About the project

CAALYX-MV objective is to widely validate an innovative and efficient ICT-based solution focused on improving the elder’s quality of life by prolonging the time they can stay safer, autonomous and independently at home, by monitoring and controlling their social and health status and providing them with some tools and services to support their daily home-activities in terms of comfort, security, energy efficiency and communications.

CAALYX-MV is the third in a line of projects in Ambient Assisted Living. The first project was CAALYX (Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment) and this was followed by eCAALYX (Enhanced Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment).

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CAALYX on Smart Homes Fair

Smart Homes organized the Smart Homes Fair which took place at 23th and 24th of November. It was a great success with 3200 visitors and 130 booths. Many companies and care organizations showed...

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CAALYX-MV third meeting

CAALYX-MV third meeting will take place in O'Porto from 17th to 18th of October. AICOS hosts the event.

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CAALYX-MV second meeting

Second meeting of CAALYX-MV consortium will take place in Vilanova on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th June.

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